Concerns raised over lack of overdose prevention sites in Richmond

Richmond News

The issue of overdose prevention services in Richmond was raised on Friday afternoon after an advocate took to Twitter to warn of a toxic drug seized in Richmond.

Karen Ward, a drug policy consultant for city of Vancouver, tweeted a screenshot of a notification with the caption, “There are no death prevention services in Richmond BC.”

The message in the screenshot read, “Round pink tablet with imprint ‘6’ seized in Richmond found to contain fluclotizolam, a benzo analog more toxic than etizolam. May cause sedation. Don’t use alone.”

The benzo analogue in question is “extremely potent” and “not legally available in Canada,” Ward told The Richmond News. It is unclear whether this was the first time the tablet was discovered in Richmond, as “relatively few findings are actually made public this way.” …

The News asked Mayor Malcolm Brodie for comment about overdose prevention sites while at an unrelated event. He said he wasn’t prepared to discuss the issue at that time but added overdose prevention services is a health question that should be directed to Vancouver Coastal Health (VCH). …

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