City traffic cameras added to Richmond RCMP’s public safety toolbox

Richmond News

Richmond’s new traffic cameras are being added to the Richmond RCMP’s list of tools to help maintain public safety.

For the past several months, the City of Richmond has been installing intersection video cameras at 110 major traffic intersections, which has been gradually going online since April 28.

However, Richmond RCMP will not have direct access to the cameras and won’t be using them for surveillance. …

According to Mayor Malcolm Brodie in April, the closed circuit TV (CCTV) cameras are intended for road safety and traffic management uses, with the city working closely with the Office of the Information and Privacy Commissioner (OIPC) to make sure the cameras comply with privacy regulations. …

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City of Richmond asking people to stand up against Asian racism today

Richmond News

Today, May 10, is being acknowledged by the City of Richmond as a “Day of Action against Anti-Asian Racism.”

In recent weeks, some Canadian cities have joined a grassroots movement to call for a day of action against racism in response to a Burnaby woman Doris Mah’s efforts to fight against racism during the pandemic.

Rallies have been planned in cities across Metro Vancouver today, including at Richmond-Brighouse Station, to raise awareness of the rise of anti-Asian hate. …

“Richmond is a safe and resilient city that stands up against racism and violence at all levels and will not condone or tolerate such behaviour in any way,” said Mayor Malcolm Brodie.

“Our community has a rich history of culture, diversity and heritage and was among the first in Canada to issue a formal statement condemning racism and violence a year ago.” …

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Richmond Food Security Society awarded for meal program

Richmond News

The Richmond Food Security Society (RFSS) has been recognized provincially after its meal program provided hundreds of meals each week to at-risk community members during the pandemic.

According to a statement from the City of Richmond, the society was awarded the 2021 British Columbia Recreational and Parks Association (BCRPA) Provincial Award for Community Leadership virtually on May 5. …

The city formally partnered with RFSS in 2010, which has “played a key role in expanding the food security system across our city,” said Mayor Malcolm Brodie, in a statement.

“This award is an acknowledgement of the positive impact working together has in strengthening our community and its resources.” …

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Richmond embraces diversity, recognition, resilience during Asian Heritage Month

Richmond News

Asian Heritage Month is here and the City of Richmond is encouraging everyone to learn and celebrate the rich diversity and various Asian cultures its residents have to offer.

The month of May is a time for British Columbians to reflect and celebrate the contributions Asian-Canadians have made to Canada’s growth.

According to a city release, Richmond is one of the most diverse cities in Canada where two-thirds of its residents born outside the country and the majority having connections to Asian cultural roots.

Mayor Malcolm Brodie highlighted importance of how diverse cultures and the achievements Asian-Canadians have contributed to the growth of Richmond.

“This is especially important during the COVID-19 pandemic when we have seen increased incidents of anti-Asian racism. Everyone should stand up against all forms of racism and hate and stay true to our shared values of respect, inclusion and diversity,” said Brodie. …

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Steveston Cafe racial slur suspect charged with mischief

Richmond News

One of the individuals involved in a racially charged Steveston coffee shop incident has been charged with mischief by Richmond RCMP.

However, the individual was not charged with a hate crime — much to the frustration of anti-racism organization Stop Asian Hate Crimes Advocacy Group (SAHCG), which launched an online petition demanding police lay such charges.

SAHCG’s Ivan Pak, who launched the petition, said he felt relieved charges have been laid, but takes issue with the RCMP’s definition of a hate crime.

On March 29, Richmond RCMP officers were called to Rocanini coffee shop after the store manager reported an assault and racial slurs.

The victim, a worker at the shop, asked two customers to social distance since they were sitting too close to the washroom.

However, the couple apparently refused to move. When the victim asked again, one customer, according to the staff member, yelled racial slurs at her and poured their coffee on the floor. …

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Richmond byelection candidates draw support from mayor, MLAs, labour council

Richmond News

Byelection candidates are getting big names behind them leading up to the May 29 general voting day.

Karina Reid, running under the Richmond Independent Team of Electors (RITE) banner, has been endorsed by the Vancouver and District Labour Council (VDLC) as well as Richmond’s three BC NDP MLAs.

Meanwhile, Richmond’s long-serving mayor, Malcolm Brodie is backing Andy Hobbs, who is running independently but has run under the Richmond First banner in the past and served as a Richmond First school trusteee.

Brodie said he’s backing Hobbs this time because of his long public service as a former Vancouver police and superintendent, his volunteer work and the fact he’s a long-time Richmond resident with family in the community. …

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Help document Richmond plants, wildlife in this weekend’s City Nature Challenge

Richmond News

Richmond residents will have the chance to contribute to science this weekend, by documenting local plants and animals in their own community for this year’s City Nature Challenge.

The challenge, which sees cities around the world take part and share information about their local ecosystems, launched Friday, April 30 and runs until Monday, May 3. …

“Participating in the City Nature Challenge is an opportunity for residents to learn more about Richmond’s incredible biodiversity while connecting with other citizen scientists online,” said Mayor Malcolm Brodie in a statement. …

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Council candidate proposes $100 voucher to Richmond households to stimulate local economy

Richmond News

Richmond byelection candidate Jonathan Ho was a no-show at his party’s press conference Friday.

The Richmond News was contacted Tuesday by Ho’s campaign communications person, Grant Hsu, about the press conference, saying Ho would be there for an announcement.

The Richmond Community Coalition (RCC) called a press conference to make what sounded like an election campaign promise but, in the end, fellow RCC member Coun. Chak Au made the announcement, promising $100 stimulus voucher to all Richmond households.

The goal of the proposal is to boost the local economy by encouraging people to spend money, explained Au at the press conference. …

However, Richmond Mayor Malcolm Brodie thinks this proposal is problematic and some figures are being used inaccurately.

According to Brodie, from a legal perspective, the city isn’t allowed to designate a household to give a $100 voucher and use the reserve in that way since there are many spending restrictions regarding the reserve funds. …

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Metro Vancouver: Stage 1 lawn watering regulations come into effect on May 1

Indo-Canadian Voice

The onset of spring weather is a reminder that hotter and drier days are ahead, and it’s time to increase efforts to conserve the region’s drinking water.

Seasonal lawn watering regulations come into effect on May 1 and will remain in place until October 15. Residents and businesses will be permitted to water lawns up to two mornings per week, with designated days determined by property address. Trees, shrubs and flowers may be watered in the morning when using a sprinkler, or any time when hand watered or using drip irrigation. Edible plants are exempt from the regulations. One hour of rain or watering per week is all a lawn needs to remain healthy. …

“Water demand increases by as much as 50 per cent in the summer and early fall. Metro Vancouver is fortunate to have abundant fresh water sources, but our ability to capture, store and distribute all of the water is limited. Like all natural resources, drinking water must be managed and used wisely,” said Malcolm Brodie, Chair of Metro Vancouver’s Water Committee. …

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City of Richmond installs CCTV cameras at 110 intersections

Richmond News

New traffic cameras have been installed at more than half of Richmond’s intersections, but video footage that identifies facial or license plate data won’t be collected.

The cameras will also not be used for “generic surveillance or operation,” according to the City of Richmond, which said in a statement that it has been working with the Office of the Information and Privacy Commissioner to make sure the cameras comply with privacy regulations. …

Mayor Malcolm Brodie said the cameras are important for road safety and traffic management.

“By providing the city with more accurate data, traffic planning to increase safety and potentially mitigate vehicle congestion will increase,” he said in a statement. “The cameras will also enhance community safety as camera footage will be available for up to 30 days, to assist in vehicle-related incidents.”

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